Interviewing September Girls

14.11.2014 00:00

Quick replies from Lauren, September Girls, lovely noise pop band from Dublin with an amazing future in front of them...

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

We all draw inspiration from the things that are happening in our lives at the time - good experiences, bad experiences, even a strange dream...all these things inspire us to write.

You do good music, good voice, you are a band full of beautiful girls!, it is enough to get success? Beauty and good music, always a good combination?

We pour our hearts and souls into what we do and we hope it's reflected in our songs. If people connect to what we do and enjoy our music, then that's a success.

What is the purpose of your songs?

What's the purpose of any song? To express ourselves, to challenge ourselves, to bring enjoyment....I don't know, is there more to it than that?

Your musical influences?

We all have really different musical taste, but we all have a love for pop music, so when we come together we work from there and try to put our own noisy spin on it. Lately we've all taken an interest in the Psych sound, and it's inspired us to be more experimental.

Where would you like to give an unforgettable concert and why?

We'd love to do more shows around Europe - Primavera Sound would be an amazing gig to play!

A song/album that changed you life (or was important for you)?

Billy Joel's 'Piano Man' - I remember hearing this album all the time riding in the car with my mom when I was little. We used to sing along, and the songs really stuck with me. As a young piano student, Billy Joel became a bit of a hero - I actually made it my mission to play his song, 'Root Beer Rag' even though my hands were way too small to reach all the chords....I got it eventually, with a few minor adjustments for little fingers :)

Are you planning to play in Spain?

No plans as of yet, but we'd love to!

How does your creative process start? What is more important: paper & pencil or life experiences?

Both are equally important. A song could start from anywhere - either from thinking about an experience or a feeling and beginning to write lyrics from it, or just from sitting around with a guitar and finding yourself playing something you like and wanting to expand on it, humming melodies, making up changes etc. Part of the fun is letting something evolve naturally.

Something you would like to tell to PopRevenge's readers?

Hopefully see you in Spain in 2015 :)